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Horticulture Therapy

Improving the Body, Mind and Spirit

Sunshine Recovery Center’s(drug addiction rehab center) horticultural therapy is a process in which plants and gardening activities are used to improve the body, mind and spirit of people for all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Horticultural therapy is currently being used in our West Palm Beach center, where we provide disability services, aged care facilities and a range of community settings, including people’s homes and community gardens. The term horticultural therapy sessions conducted by us covers a wide variety of techniques and processes in which we use gardens and garden based activities to promote the physical, mental and social health of participants. Horticultural therapy at West Palm Beach center covers many different fields including, but not limited to:

  • Aged Care
  • Disability Services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Divisional Therapy
  • Landscape Architecture
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Sunshine Recovery Center(drug addiction rehab center) provides different sessions for its patients. Amongst them is direct services session. In this session our professional therapists design, prepare, and lead a 50-minute session with up to 15 participants per session. Sessions are conducted in the distinguished Buehler Enabling Garden during the growing season at West Palm Beach Center.

Another type of session, which is conducted by us, is the consulting session. Our professional staff is experienced in providing professional consultation during the planning phase of a garden installation to ensure maximum benefit and accessibility for the users of a specific garden. Our consultants will develop conceptual plans and provide a bridge to working with those who construct the garden. We are also pleased to consult on creating accessible, inclusive and welcoming spaces and programs for people with special needs.

Educational sessions are also conducted at our centers. We provide professionals with experience in a compatible therapeutic or educational field with the required background to use horticultural therapy techniques. Our sessions are week long immersion experiences at the Garden.

Last but not the least, is the speakers session in which our therapists bring a wealth of experience to share with people who join us. Our speakers conduct brief lectures to multi-day experiences on such topics as therapeutic garden design, selection of plant material, accessibility issues, and the use of therapeutic horticulture with specific populations.

Sunshine Recovery Center has taken steps to help the disabled people in our society. At West Palm Beach center we promote the disabled people to transformation their environment with greenery. Through this the disabled people exercise their independence and work towards common goals. They see projects through from start to finish, learning about their own abilities and striving to meet their fullest potential. Horticulture therapy at West Palm Beach has been used for couple of years as a treatment for psychological and physical rehabilitation. It has helped a lot of disabled people in stress reduction, building self-esteem, increased problem solving, developing of nurturing relationships, increased social interaction, responsibility, sensory stimulation, and the lessening of pain as well as the ease of emotional pain. We provide en environment where the disabled people find fun while doing work and at the same time they can do a lot of exercise. People suffering from higher body weight can burn their calories by working with us. We welcome the disabled people at our West Palm Beach center to overcome their disability and to live a normal life.

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