Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

More Comfortable

Men entering treatment are more likely to share during group discussions if they feel they can relax and simply be themselves. A male-only treatment environment encourages clients to develop a sense of trust and bonding with other clients. Once this sense of trust is established, the participants will find it easier to discuss issues such as Emotions (shame, guilt, aggression, love and anxiety), Relationships, Sex Issues, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth and Control.

No Expectations

Men often have the misconceptions that they should be strong and keep their emotions to themselves, despite what they’re feeling. At our male-only program, this expectation is removed, and the individual can focus on doing what they need to do to achieve a new life of recovery.

Less Judgment

In active addiction men might have acted out aggressively or have committed some acts that they are not proud of. Being around other men can make the clients feel as though they are less likely to be judged than if there were women present. Discussing these incidents may be very challenging for female clients to hear without reacting and potentially making the male more reserved and isolative.

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Less Time Spent Discussing Gender Issues

Groups can often become “stuck” specifically on women’s issues, leading the males in the group to potentially “zone-out”. In a gender-specific environment, the client will be able to spend time on the reasons why men become addicted, and the pressures they face as husbands, fathers and sons.

Discuss Their Common Experiences

Clients participating in a male-only treatment program will be able to interact with each other in a manner based on having shared similar types of experiences, even if their backgrounds are dissimilar.

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