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Are you dealing with addiction? Are you starting to wonder if you need professional help? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of Americans everyday struggle with addictions, and they’re working to find healthy, beneficial solutions to help them. However, before they can begin to find solutions, the first step is admitting that there is something to heal. If you’re wondering if you might need substance abuse rehab in West Palm Beach, keep reading. These are signs to be on the lookout for, indicating that it may be time for a change.

1. Drug Use as a Priority Leads to Substance Abuse Rehab in West Palm Beach

If drug use is your priority, chances are it’s time to start thinking about getting sober. This means that you’re exerting plenty of time and effort attempting to stay in a high state. This can lead to job neglect, family neglect, schooling and more. Making drug use a priority also means that any former interests you had are all on the backburner.

2. Health Problems

Drugs and alcohol both create serious issues within the body. Excessive use of both drugs and alcohol can lead to plenty of health issues, including heart problems, liver issues, cancer, lung issues, and more. Not only does substance have an impact on your physical body, but addicts can also suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. If you notice that your body and mind are beginning to fight back, it’s time to call the professionals.

3. Higher Doses

When a person abuses alcohol or drugs, their tolerance levels increase. This means they need more of the addictive substance to continue to feel the high or the effects of being high. This can lead to severe addictions that can increase the chances of an overdose and ultimately make it harder to quit the addiction altogether.

Loss of Work or Schooling

Many people realize that their life is turning upside down when they notice their schooling is beginning to fall behind or the quality of the work is being affected. Once a person has developed an addiction to a substance, work no longer becomes a priority and neither does school. Poor attendance, decreased quality of work and overall negligence in work or school are all signs of addiction, and things to be on the lookout for.

5. Loss of Friends

Some individuals have friends who are addicted to substances as well, where others have friends who were never addicted at all. If friends who are not substance users begin to distance themselves from you, perhaps it’s a sign that they are not comfortable with your usage. This gives users a clear line of sight and can provide some insight into addictive behaviors. Family members and friends who care about themselves and you won’t jeopardize their life and they won’t condone you risking yours.

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