Dr. Karen Severson

Medical Director

Dr. Severson is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist, with a specialization in Substance Abuse and Geriatrics and a published author. She works collaboratively with therapists and clients to get the best outcomes possible. Dr. Severson has the vital role of educating and prescribing, if needed, which medication is right for you. She will work closely with you help to ease your symptoms you are struggling with. It is her job to listen to your feedback and adjust medications accordingly. She will always give you an honest answer as to whether medications are the best treatment, versus using therapy, but usually a combination works best. She is always using humor with her medical practice , but this doesn’t mean she does not take what she does extremely seriously. Dr. Severson stated, “I just feel the ability to laugh at oneself is an ability that can be practiced endlessly”. She is approachable and always willing to think outside of the box. One size never fits all. She tries to combine her knowledge of the body, the mind and spirituality with all her decisions.