David Schultz

Chief Wellness Officer

David Schultz Jr., (known to most as simply Dave), is a natural born leader and has been since early childhood. Born in Wiesbaden Germany, he came to the United States at a young age where he lived in Maryland, spending much of his time on the Chesapeake Bay. Dave attended Palm Beach Atlantic University where he concentrated his studies in psychology and philosophy with minor concentrations in business marketing and administration. He was also a nationally recognized all-star collegiate athlete in lacrosse making all conference selections for multiple years.

Dave has worked his way up in the substance abuse field the past 7 years, holding titles such as: Director of Marketing, Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer for a nationally recognized drug and alcohol treatment facility.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep desire to be a positive change agent and thought leader in the community, he spent his early teens pioneering a program called “Students for Success,” gathering his peers and meeting with then successful political, industrial, legal, and financial leaders in the Washington DC area. His goal was to create a culture of young thinkers who would understand the necessary ingredients for future leadership and success. He worked tirelessly with the first lady, Laura Bush, to raise money for underprivileged youth. Dave also had a keen interest in real estate from a young age. The day he turned 18 he took his realtor exam and became a licensed agent; for several years thereafter, he was one of the youngest real estate agents in the entire state of Maryland. By age 20 he had a thriving career and was licensed for commercial and residential real estate in multiple states.

Dave’s life took on a purpose when he was introduced to several recovery, wellness, and spiritual communities. His strongly philosophical and deeply spiritual perspective on life began to come to fruition. A path of early activism and the rejection of unchallenged and archaic ways of thinking would shape his present and future. He has effectively combined his study of esoteric, ancient philosophies and theologies with his passion for understanding the evolution of thought and how it applies to decision-making in the 21st century.

Today as a consultant, life coach, activist and Chief Wellness Officer for Sunshine Recovery Center, Dave has found a specialty in the field of addiction medicine and therapy. With the ever-changing climate of the addiction treatment field, Dave’s ability to conceive and implement new ideology into existing paradigms is truly an asset. His day to day activities are not limited to operations within organizations but extend well into patient interactions and group facilitation. Dave is uniquely qualified to wear both hats. His financial acumen and experience in the business sector is rivaled only by his passion and enthusiasm as a man who has overcome great adversity himself, making him relatable to most of the patients, families and clients he works with. His own personal journey through life’s hardships has allowed him to be acutely aware of the challenges facing our society today.

Dave is also an Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist (ACRPS) trained under Terence Gorski himself. He uses his training and skills to help young people in recovery understand the true meaning of a purpose-driven life, as this is what has afforded him the success in his endeavors. As a deeply compassionate human being Dave takes every opportunity to participate in regular mission trips to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. His philosophical belief is that giving to others is the greatest investment we can make into our future and that of mankind.