Alcohol abuse is an insidious disease that affects millions of Americans and their families. At first, it might boost your confidence and give you a slight edge, but gradually, like a deceptive lover, the bad stuff sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise. Alcohol dependency leaves you feeling utterly alone and vulnerable and probably disgusted with yourself. Do you want to get off the endless rollercoaster ride of alcohol abuse that only ends up hurting you and everyone in your path? Have your friends and family had enough of the lies and sneaky behavior? Have you tried going cold turkey only to find that you’ve fallen off the wagon time and again? If this sound likes you, don’t despair! We’ve been there and can understand what you’ve been through. You can and will put an end to what seems like a perpetual cycle of alcohol abuse. You just need to find a high-quality alcohol abuse rehab center in West Palm Beach that can offer real help, like Sunshine Recovery Center.

What are Some of the Programs Offered at an Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center in West Palm Beach?

There is no shame in it. Not everyone can do it alone; in fact, most who try will fail nine times out of ten because they lack a strong support system, to begin with. That is where we come in. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we offer you unconditional help and support. Encouraging our patients to lead happy, healthy, productive lives again is all we do, and we do it well. Our hundreds of now-sober patients can attest to it. We offer a variety of proven successful programs that are tailored to your specific needs, so you can say goodbye to alcohol and hello to a sober life forever! We specialize in drug and alcohol abuse, trauma and PTSD, and anger management. Each program’s success is something we swear by, but we can’t do it for you—there is hard work involved, and you have to put in the effort to get results. We know it can be a long, lonely road. But we are here to tell you that there is hope for you. Many of our counselors and therapists have walked in your shoes, that’s why we know first-hand how to effectively treat your alcohol disease. Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient programs – we have a variety of effective programs geared specifically for your level of abuse, and readiness to move forward towards sober living.
  • Adult substance abuse treatment – we offer individualized treatment plans and educate family members on how to handle your addiction.
  • Gender-specific treatment – encourages male patient bonding and communication that has been shown to be effective in dealing with emotions, anger issues, and stress relief.
  • Individual and group therapy – counseling sessions are uniquely tailored to a patient’s needs.
  • Biofeedback therapy – this popular therapy changes brainwave patterns to reduce stress and induce relaxation.
  • The MAOR Program – The Maor Program is a fundamental resource for Jewish males and their families who are seeking long-term recovery. Located in Palm Beach County, the Maor Program is an integrated outpatient program that facilitates close relationships with community resources, established programs, and addiction specialists to provide the most effective care. Individuals learn the life skills and coping mechanisms that can provide a healthy and clean lifestyle, all through a Torah-based program. Through our outpatient program, we are able to provide strong clinical care infused with Jewish values, traditions, and culture. The Maor Program offers a fully kosher kitchen, local affiliations with area synagogues, and fitness programming as well. It was founded to meet the specific needs of the Jewish community, and operated by Orthodox Jewish staff. It is a program that is optional for all clients, and each client will have a personal religious counselor who will guide them through individualized issues. The Maor Program is based on the principle that everything has a purpose and a reason, and that there is order within the chaos. There is a light that can help diminish the weight of the darkness.

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If you are ready to leave your old life of alcohol dependency behind and start on a new path to recovery, then call us today! We guarantee our alcohol abuse rehab center in West Palm Beach can help you make a change for the better. That all begins the moment you pick up the phone to call our free, 24-hour helpline at (561) 517-9934. All calls are strictly confidential. Let us help you break free from the chains of addiction today!

If you’re looking for an outpatient treatment center in West Palm Beach, there are many high-quality centers to choose from. But how do you know which one to choose if this is the first time you find yourself in need of one? Asking friends and family can be embarrassing, especially if you want to keep your addiction under wraps. When it comes to drug treatment centers, look for one that offers both inpatient and outpatient care. If you do decide to choose a center with an outpatient program, make sure that you have a strong support system at home. You should be able to hold down a job or go to school and continue your daily routine while getting treatment almost every day for your addiction. There are many things to look for when choosing an outpatient facility and for one thing, you want to make sure it is a legitimately-run operation that has a proven success rate. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we have been helping people get back their lives through our very successful inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

Sunshine Recovery Has an Excellent Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program is ideal for someone who has a mild substance abuse problem or has graduated from inpatient care and is now functioning at a much higher level than before. Some of the qualities you want to look for in an outpatient drug treatment program are:

  • Flexible hours
  • Individual and group counseling services
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Proven success rates
  • Continuing care options like a 12-step support group
  • Sliding scale payment options

At Sunshine Recovery Center, our outpatient therapy is perfect for substance abusers who can commit to attending counseling, therapy and other activity sessions at least three to five days per week. We encourage continuing care groups in the form of 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous programs. These support groups are usually facilitated by a licensed therapist and meet weekly. Some continuing care groups may be gender-specific or age-specific, and others may focus on a particular aspect of recovery. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we build collaborative relationships with our patients through routine commitment and counseling. Unlike some of the other rehab centers out there, we encourage family and friends to play an active part in your recovery. And that could mean anything from attending a counseling session with you to participating in a group activity. We also give you the skills and tools you’ll need to be a productive member of society. We want you to live a long and happy, drug-free life and be completely self-sufficient. No longer will you be plagued by the everyday struggles that addiction can bring to your life and to everyone around you that you hold dear.

Don’t Hesitate to Let Sunshine Recovery Help You Today

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance abuse addiction, why not try our outpatient addiction center in West Palm Beach? Our skilled counselors and medical professionals are passionate individuals who look forward to coming to work every day. We dedicate our time and energy to assisting addicts in need. We guarantee that our outpatient drug treatment center in West Palm Beach will help you find meaning in your life with the life skills we teach you. Call our confidential 24-hour helpline at (561) 517-9934 today!

When it comes to drugs or alcohol, you might be surprised to learn that there are differences in how both men and women abuse them—which drugs they use and how frequently. Of course, it is a disease that affects millions of both men and women, but their experiences with use differ dramatically. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, men are more likely than women to try a variety of drugs and with more frequency. And, if the emergency room statistics in the United States are true, then men are more likely to fatally overdose than women. It’s staggering to learn that these statistics also apply to the frequency of marijuana use and abuse of prescription drugs. Is it just that men are more fearless, while women are more cautious? Whatever the reason, women are still just as likely to develop a substance abuse addiction as men. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we recognize that drug and alcohol abuse is gender specific and we have developed a program specifically geared to help men battle a disease that statistically grows higher every year.

What Factors Contribute to the Differences Between Men and Women Substance Abusers?

It’s no secret that men and women differ biologically (weight-wise) and that has a direct effect on how the body processes a drug. Here are some of the way’s men may abuse drugs differently:

  • While women tend to use drugs more in a social setting, men are drawn to the substance for the particular effect.
  • Women and men also differ in how they express their emotions. While women tend to be more open with their feelings, men often bottle them up inside. They may use drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate to treat a mental health issue or other emotional pain.
  • Men may also take drugs to boost their productivity at work or in competitive sports. Women tend to be less competitive than men in general.
  • Men tend to have more of a thrill-seeking nature than women which, as a result, may cause them to experiment with more of a variety of drugs than women.

At Sunshine Recovery Center, we have developed a specific program to help men deal with their addictions. We offer group counseling as a way to help men express their emotions in a comfortable non-judgmental setting. Our male-specific treatment environment encourages our men patients to bond with male patients and share their stories in a group or out. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we believe that once a bond is formed, it becomes easier for men to discuss feelings like shame, guilt aggression and love, self-esteem, relationships and more. If you are a male struggling with drugs or alcohol, we have a program geared especially for you. Through our group counseling and one-on-one sessions with our skilled counselors and clinicians, we will begin to get to the root of your addiction and set you on the path to recovery. We can help you regain your life and live drug-free once more! Call us today on our confidential 24-hour hotline at (561) 517-9934 to see how our gender-specific program can help you break free of your addiction once and for all!


When one thinks of applying a holistic approach to something, we think of an experience that is very spiritual, one that encompasses the mind body and soul. It can also be a therapeutic experience that can involve a healthy activity such as gardening or an exercise like Yoga. At Sunshine Recovery Center in West Palm Beach, we believe that horticultural therapy has been one of our most effective programs for dealing with patients who struggle daily with drug and alcohol abuse.

What are the Benefits of Spending Time in Nature?

Our skilled staff at Sunshine Recovery Center has tapped into the ancient healing power of plants and herbs, long known for their medicinal properties, to help our patients develop a connection to nature. Studies show that time spent in nature can reduce stress, reduce anger and fear and may even help reduce blood pressure.  Nature’s properties have been known to empower and heal human beings for centuries. The results are enlightening –gardening and working with one’s hands has a soothing and calming effect on our patients.

A Holistic Approach Helps Build Self Esteem

There is a spiritual power in nature that is good for the soul. When patients participate in activities such as tilling a garden and caring for plants, they build self-esteem because they feel like they are part of creating something. This can help tremendously in their road to recovery because alcoholics and addicts tend to have low self-esteem and sometimes anger issues. Feeling the soil between your fingers and the aroma of plants has been known to make you feel calmer and at the same time energized. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we know that the road to a patient’s recovery is a long one, but this type of holistic therapy has proven to have great results and our patients love planting and caring for a garden!

In Addition to Reducing Stress, Some Other Benefits of Horticultural Therapy are:

  • Improves mood – Patients feel happier and more engaged.
  • Improves social skills – Promotes self-awareness and has been shown to help individuals relate better to each other in a group setting.
  • Promotes emotional growth – Horticultural therapy rekindles interest in creative activities and helps to improve self-control by redirecting aggressive feelings.
  • Fosters a love for a new hobby – gardening and horticulture

The benefits of horticultural therapy are many. For one, growing beautiful things makes you feel great. At Sunshine Recovery Center, Horticultural Therapy is just one of the many approaches we use to treat our patients. We also believe that individual therapy and group therapy is essential to your recovery. We have many programs here that can aid you in your road to recovery. If you are struggling with an addiction, you might enjoy the benefits of horticultural therapy in a naturally soothing environment. Don’t wait, give us a call today on our confidential 24-hour helpline at (561) 517-9934.

The idea of applying a holistic approach to heal substance abuse is one that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. It is a therapeutic experience that might involve a healthy activity, forging new relationships or enjoying physical activity. There are many ways that we at Sunshine Recovery Center strive to foster this holistic approach with our patients:

Horticultural Therapy for Holistic Rehab

Nature can be so invigorating. Its properties have been known to empower and heal human beings for centuries. Studies show that plants and herbs have ancient medicinal healing properties as well as soothing effects when gardening or enjoying the natural world. Our caring staff at Sunshine Recovery Center has tapped into this ancient treatment to create our own horticulture healing program as part of a holistic drug rehab approach.

A Holistic Approach Promotes Caring and Self Esteem

Patients participate in activities such as planting a garden and caring for plants, watching the fruits of their labor grow. No one can deny that there is a spiritual power in nature that is good for the soul. There is something so soothing and relaxing about feeling the soil between our fingers and the aroma of plants to make you feel energized. When you help something to thrive and grow like a garden, that helps patients feel they are accomplishing something. This provides encouragement and plays a large part in increasing self-esteem—a crucial factor in a patient’s treatment and recovery.

The Benefits of Horticultural Therapy

Expect the soothing properties of nature to not only boost self-esteem but also reduce stress. Planting a garden with others may help to foster new relationships and encourage teamwork. These and other strategies help those facing a daily struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. Bonding with others who share a common struggle can often be a comfort to yourself and others. Working together towards a common goal can be one of the main ways a holistic drug rehab program with horticultural therapy can help set you on the right road to recovery.

A Holistic Bonding Experience for All

Our patients benefit the most from horticultural therapy as a path to holistic drug rehab, but others such as family and friends can enjoy the experience as well. The beauty of the garden has relaxing and soothing properties. When everyone is together in this serene setting, there is an element of calm and comfort that can’t help but wash over everyone. Your family and friends may have faced a daily struggle with you and your addictions. They may even think that you seemed beyond help. But seeing you relaxed and productive in a serene setting can foster hope.

If you would like to experience holistic drug rehab in a lush natural setting, commune with nature, and soothe your body, mind, and soul, give us a call. If you think you or your loved one would benefit from holistic drug rehab that incorporates horticultural therapy, then call Sunshine Recovery Center today at (561) 517-9934.

Sometimes, you can’t do it alone. It’s comforting to know where you can find immediate help and support for your alcohol or drug addiction. Whether it be alcohol, depressants, prescription pain meds or street drugs like opiates or hallucinogens, you’ll need emotional support and therapy to combat your addiction. Where can you find a substance abuse rehab program in West Palm Beach that can help you with your day-to-day addiction struggles? Look no further than Sunshine Recovery Center, one of the most effective facilities dedicated to you. We support and help you or your family member to combat the effects of everyday drug and alcohol abuse. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we know the best way to treat your addiction with a solid treatment plan that is always based on your individual needs. Here are some of the things you can expect when entering our rehab facility in West Palm Beach:

What to Bring to the Recovery Center

The thought of entering an addiction center may be a frightening one. That is why we want you to be as comfortable as possible at our substance abuse rehab facility in West Palm Beach. You may want to bring a few things to help you ease into the process. Make sure you bring some form of ID, (a driver’s license or passport, etc.), a complete list of all medications you take, and the cell numbers of loved ones who you wish to have involved in your treatment. It is a good idea to ask them if they’d like to participate beforehand. Pictures of your loved ones to display in your room may provide a source of comfort during this time of transition. Please be sure to pack enough clothing and toiletries for at least 30 days to ensure you’re getting as much out of your time here as possible.

Group Therapy

Group therapy has been shown to benefit our patients tremendously. After all, the kind of support offered from your peers who are going through the same substance abuse rehab program here in West Palm Beach can comfort you in the difficult days before you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It can also be comforting to bond with someone who is living with the same kind of struggles every day. Group therapy can help you or your loved one break through the chain of substance abuse by focusing on the different aspects of the recovery process. You can get the skills needed to accomplish this in a non-threatening group setting.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy with our highly-trained therapists and support staff are crucial to the success of your program. Our aim is to help you combat your addiction in a safe, supportive environment. Each of our caring, highly-skilled team is devoted to helping you succeed along your path to sobriety and recovery. Confidential help is here for you. Call our free 24-hour hotline today at (561) 517-9934.

The so-called Florida Shuffle unveiled the corruption of a handful of treatment centers in South Florida. New scrutiny of the industry has left many people uncertain about Florida rehab centers. However, many treatment centers are stepping up to the plate to say that there are compassionate centers that genuinely care. Outpatient drug treatment in West Palm Beach is available and provided by safe, secure, and proven recovery centers.

Call Sunshine Recovery Center for an Outpatient Drug Treatment Center in West Palm Beach

There are many signs that one can be on the lookout for to ensure that addicted individuals stay safe. A major sign is to look out for facilities offering free rent or free airfare. Other warning signals include asking for minimal patient details, uneven communication, and other weak displays of genuine customer service. When you’re in contact with a professional treatment facility, the coordinators will be sure that you or your loved one fits within their terms and conditions. All treatment centers that are legitimate want to know that their programs and community are going to be a good fit for new patients.

Many treatment centers are also quite strict, which is yet another difference between scam centers and real centers. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we have specific rules that all patients must adhere to. We wish to create crystal clear structures and expectations as we build collaborative relationships with our patients. We also encourage family members to be a part of the recovery in some way, which is something false treatment centers would never do.

If you or someone you love is looking for outpatient drug treatment in West Palm Beach, don’t take your chances on a potentially dangerous facility. Instead, know that there are passionate individuals who look forward to coming to work every day, as we have dedicated our time and energy to assisting those in need. Rehab should make your life better. Rehab should make your life brighter. Call our free 24-hour helpline today at (561) 257-4422 !

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, almost 23 million people need help when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse. Only a fraction of that number receives the assistance they so desperately need. A number of insurance companies are now beginning to cover outpatient alcohol treatment in West Palm Beach, as more awareness about drug addiction comes to the forefront. Though insurance plans often come with certain restrictions.   

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment in West Palm Beach?  

Many people like the idea of how outpatient therapy sounds, but what exactly is outpatient therapy and what are its benefits? Outpatient treatment requires an addicted person to attend therapy regularly, but they are not expected to spend the night or live at the facility, like residential patients. Many people choose outpatient to care for their families, continue work, or continue school. Outpatient is also only recommended to those who are trusted to do their part while out of therapy, as they will have to hold themselves responsible.   

The benefits of outpatient therapy are that patients will still be able to carry on with their obligations and tasks day to day but will have to set aside some time to attend treatment. Outpatient therapy gives flexibility in ways that inpatient programs cannot, and also tends to offer more freedom. Like inpatient therapy, however, patients will still have access to the same treatments, programs, and benefits such as group therapies and one-on-one therapies.   

The recovery experts at Sunshine Recovery Center, know how important it is that patients feel comfortable and confident in their treatment programs. The first step for all of our patients is to make the call and speak to someone who genuinely cares about your future. Sunshine Recovery Center accepts admissions 24/7, so there is never a wrong time to pick up the phone. If you’ve been considering outpatient alcohol treatment in West Palm Beach, know that you’re choosing a facility that offers impeccable outpatient services, without denying quality and attention. Call us today at (561) 257-4422. 

The word horticulture very rarely makes anyone think of therapy, especially not substance abuse therapy. However, gardening activities are playing a big part in substance abuse treatment in West Palm Beach. For decades, people have expressed the relaxing sensations that come while growing and caring for or interacting with plants. What about horticulture makes it so therapeutic?   

Can Horticulture Help those in Substance Abuse Treatment in West Palm Beach?  

Horticulture is the practice of caring for gardens and plants. Nature has a strange way of healing, even when it comes to substance abuse. Plants, in general, have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Nature also has ways of reducing symptoms such as pain, psychiatric symptoms, and improves one’s sense of self-confidence and well-being. Plants have been found even to enhance social skills.  

Horticulture generally deals with fruit-bearing plants, as there is a gift in seeing one’s hard work blossom into something new. The deeper psychological reason for this is that it puts patients into the caring role, which may be new for many people who are addicted drugs and alcohol.  

Other benefits of horticulture therapy include:   

  • Improved self-esteem 
  • Increased problem solving 
  • Increased social interaction 
  • Sensory stimulation 
  • Stress reduction 

With so many benefits, it is easy to see why Sunshine Recovery Center decided to pair substance abuse treatment in West Palm Beach with horticulture programs. The mix between a compassionate staff alongside a program that offers incredible health, wellness, and lifestyle benefits is a beautiful match. If you’re searching for a program or treatment center that allows you to connect with nature and rediscover your inner self, try Sunshine Recovery Center today. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Call us today at (561) 257-4422  to get started. 

Please learn more about our substance abuse program in West Palm Beach by watching the video below.