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Treatment begins with a thorough assessment and evaluation process that produces a thorough individual treatment plan for each client. Treatment consists of numerous structured activities designed to implement healing. These include significant individual counseling, behavioral and motivational therapy, relapse prevention planning, co-occurring disorders educational groups, symptom management, holistic therapy, 12-step introduction and meetings, aftercare, and much more.

Treatment Program

Sunshine Recovery Center utilizes the Matrix Model approach which is a cognitive behavioral therapy that utilizes motivational interviewing, contingency management, family education, relapse prevention and latest information on brain chemistry. The Matrix Model provides a framework for engaging addict’s who have a long history of stimulant abuse to achieve abstinence. The matrix model teaches tools critical to prevent future relapse. Client’s receive direction and support from a trained therapist, become familiar with self-help programs and are monitored for drug use.

The program includes education for family members affected by the addiction. The Matrix Model promotes one’s self-esteem, dignity, and self-worth. We focus on family educational groups, early relapse analysis and social support groups. The Matrix has a number of central therapeutic constructs. These include:

  • Establishing a positive and collaborative relationship with the client
  • Creating explicit structure and expectations
  • Teaching psycho-educational information (including information on brain chemistry and other research derived clinically relevant knowledge.)
  • Introducing and applying of cognitive-behavioral concepts
  • Positively reinforcing desired behavioral change
  • Educating family members regarding the expected course of recovery
  • Introducing and encouraging self-help participation

The treatment is a directive, non-confrontational approach focusing on current issues and behavior change.

Rules of the Program

It is our intention to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for the motivated individual to begin a process of recovery from the substance abuse. The following behaviors are considered a threat to the recovery process and will be dealt with as such, possibly leading to discharge from the program:

  • Use of alcohol or other mood altering substances.
  • Any act of physical violence or abusive behavior (emotional or physical).
  • Deliberate acts of destruction of property.
  • Any act of theft.
  • Engaging in sexual activity with peers.
  • Gambling on premises.
  • Any breach of confidentiality of another person.
  • Smoking inside any unapproved smoking areas.
  • Violation of program rules.
  • Inappropriate behaviors that places self or others in danger.

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