If you have a problem with alcohol, you are not alone in your quest to get sober. If you have tried and failed time and time again, chances are you have not found the right outpatient alcohol treatment center in West Palm Beach that will give you the best shot at recovery. Chances are you or your loved one is going through a very rough time right now and you probably have no idea where to turn for help. While there are many rehab and detox centers in West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida, some are just looking to take your money and offer little support or treatment in your quest to live a sober life and stay sober. Not all out patient alcohol treatment centers in West Palm Beach are alike and some, like Sunshine Recovery Center, have been built to not only help people recover in a comfortable safe environment, but to change your life for the better is one of our main priorities.

What Criteria Makes a Successful Outpatient Drug Treatment Center in West Palm Beach? 

With so many rehab facilities popping up all over South Florida, how do you know which one is best to choose? Well, there are some things that you can be on the lookout for to ensure that you are choosing the safest and best equipped facility to recover from your alcohol addiction. Some of these are:

  1. Tours of the facility are encouraged
  2. The reception staff is courteous and professionally dressed
  3. The medical and rehab team is warm and welcoming
  4. A full patient history is taken to determine the program that is a best fit for you
  5. Families are encouraged to participate in group therapy sessions
  6. The facility is clean and comfortable
  7. Clear limits are set and explained

Some outpatient alcohol treatment centers in West Palm Beach may have strict rules which are put into place for a patient’s protection. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we do have specific rules that all patients entering out facility must adhere to. We try to be as honest and open about our policies and what we expect from our patients on a day to day basis. Family dynamics are an important part of the recovery process, so we strongly encourage family members to participate in your recovery whenever possible.

If you or someone your loved one is researching the best outpatient alcohol treatment center in West Palm Beach, look no further than Sunshine Recovery Center. Our rehab team has a passion for what we do; and helping people get well in a safe comfortable non-threatening environment is what we do best. We hope to influence you in a positive way as you begin your journey on the road to recovery. Hopefully, we will be your last stop on recovery road. Call our free 24-hour helpline today at (561) 517-9934 and one of our caring team will schedule you for a free, no-obligation consultation.