The idea of applying a holistic approach to heal substance abuse is one that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. It is a therapeutic experience that might involve a healthy activity, forging new relationships or enjoying physical activity. There are many ways that we at Sunshine Recovery Center strive to foster this holistic approach with our patients:

Horticultural Therapy for Holistic Rehab

Nature can be so invigorating. Its properties have been known to empower and heal human beings for centuries. Studies show that plants and herbs have ancient medicinal healing properties as well as soothing effects when gardening or enjoying the natural world. Our caring staff at Sunshine Recovery Center has tapped into this ancient treatment to create our own horticulture healing program as part of a holistic drug rehab approach.

A Holistic Approach Promotes Caring and Self Esteem

Patients participate in activities such as planting a garden and caring for plants, watching the fruits of their labor grow. No one can deny that there is a spiritual power in nature that is good for the soul. There is something so soothing and relaxing about feeling the soil between our fingers and the aroma of plants to make you feel energized. When you help something to thrive and grow like a garden, that helps patients feel they are accomplishing something. This provides encouragement and plays a large part in increasing self-esteem—a crucial factor in a patient’s treatment and recovery.

The Benefits of Horticultural Therapy

Expect the soothing properties of nature to not only boost self-esteem but also reduce stress. Planting a garden with others may help to foster new relationships and encourage teamwork. These and other strategies help those facing a daily struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. Bonding with others who share a common struggle can often be a comfort to yourself and others. Working together towards a common goal can be one of the main ways a holistic drug rehab program with horticultural therapy can help set you on the right road to recovery.

A Holistic Bonding Experience for All

Our patients benefit the most from horticultural therapy as a path to holistic drug rehab, but others such as family and friends can enjoy the experience as well. The beauty of the garden has relaxing and soothing properties. When everyone is together in this serene setting, there is an element of calm and comfort that can’t help but wash over everyone. Your family and friends may have faced a daily struggle with you and your addictions. They may even think that you seemed beyond help. But seeing you relaxed and productive in a serene setting can foster hope.

If you would like to experience holistic drug rehab in a lush natural setting, commune with nature, and soothe your body, mind, and soul, give us a call. If you think you or your loved one would benefit from holistic drug rehab that incorporates horticultural therapy, then call Sunshine Recovery Center today at (561) 517-9934.