Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab | West Palm Beach

Addiction is an uphill battle, one that takes some people multiple times of revisiting. It’s not an overnight success, though we all wish it could be. Recovering from substance abuse takes significant dedication, support, encouragement, and care. Yet, where does one find a quality drug and alcohol rehab in West Palm Beach? At Sunshine Recovery Center, we’re a team of individuals who strive to provide personalized and professional care to those who are serious about turning their life around. If you’re interested in hearing what our facility can offer, keep reading!

Programs from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in West Palm Beach

Before we dive into the programs we offer, we want to talk about personalization. When it comes to addiction, no two individuals are alike. There are histories to be considered, length of use, substance abuse type, and more. All of these factors create a unique situation, and one form of healing won’t be perfect for everyone. That’s why at Sunshine Recovery Center, we ensure that we are bringing the best services possible in an individualized manner. Our primary goal is to help our clients overcome obstacles, develop skills, and achieve a drug-free lifestyle. We’re all about empowering.

There are many treatment options we have, including PHP Day and PHP night treatment, as well as intensive, outpatient treatment, and more. Some of our specialized programs include horticulture therapy, customized treatment plans, and other treatment options. Now that we know what the pathways to a drug-free life are, let’s dive in a bit deeper. The PHP course allows for healing without the commitment to a residential program. This is perfect for those who need to be there for the family, or for those who must continue working. Outpatient treatment is easier for off-site meetings, which again allows for more flexibility than an inpatient program. The intensive outpatient program is more extensive than the traditional outpatient treatment program.

Horticulture therapy is the act of working with plants for healing. Gardening has multiple proven psychological and physical benefits, including peace of mind, natural mediations, and interactions with nature. The goal is to improve the mind, body, and spirit. Some additional benefits of working with Sunshine Recovery Center is that we offer three languages, including English, French, and Hebrew. We accept most insurance providers, and we can help you verify whether or not we accept yours!

If you’re looking for a quality drug and alcohol rehab in West Palm Beach, contact the professionals at Sunshine Recovery Center today at 561-517-9934. We’re here to help you climb the hill of addiction, ensuring that we give you the necessary tools to make it to the top. We believe that when you have the tools to succeed, you’ll keep them for a lifetime. We also believe that learning to overcome obstacles, such as addiction, is a lesson that you can take with you for decades. Call us today to start your sobriety journey. It’s your time to take back your life.