Alcohol abuse is an insidious disease that affects millions of Americans and their families. At first, it might boost your confidence and give you a slight edge, but gradually, like a deceptive lover, the bad stuff sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise. Alcohol dependency leaves you feeling utterly alone and vulnerable and probably disgusted with yourself. Do you want to get off the endless rollercoaster ride of alcohol abuse that only ends up hurting you and everyone in your path? Have your friends and family had enough of the lies and sneaky behavior? Have you tried going cold turkey only to find that you’ve fallen off the wagon time and again? If this sound likes you, don’t despair! We’ve been there and can understand what you’ve been through. You can and will put an end to what seems like a perpetual cycle of alcohol abuse. You just need to find a high-quality alcohol abuse rehab center in West Palm Beach that can offer real help, like Sunshine Recovery Center.

What are Some of the Programs Offered at an Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center in West Palm Beach?

There is no shame in it. Not everyone can do it alone; in fact, most who try will fail nine times out of ten because they lack a strong support system, to begin with. That is where we come in. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we offer you unconditional help and support. Encouraging our patients to lead happy, healthy, productive lives again is all we do, and we do it well. Our hundreds of now-sober patients can attest to it. We offer a variety of proven successful programs that are tailored to your specific needs, so you can say goodbye to alcohol and hello to a sober life forever! We specialize in drug and alcohol abuse, trauma and PTSD, and anger management. Each program’s success is something we swear by, but we can’t do it for you—there is hard work involved, and you have to put in the effort to get results. We know it can be a long, lonely road. But we are here to tell you that there is hope for you. Many of our counselors and therapists have walked in your shoes, that’s why we know first-hand how to effectively treat your alcohol disease. Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient programs – we have a variety of effective programs geared specifically for your level of abuse, and readiness to move forward towards sober living.
  • Adult substance abuse treatment – we offer individualized treatment plans and educate family members on how to handle your addiction.
  • Gender-specific treatment – encourages male patient bonding and communication that has been shown to be effective in dealing with emotions, anger issues, and stress relief.
  • Individual and group therapy – counseling sessions are uniquely tailored to a patient’s needs.
  • Biofeedback therapy – this popular therapy changes brainwave patterns to reduce stress and induce relaxation.
  • The MAOR Program – The Maor Program is a fundamental resource for Jewish males and their families who are seeking long-term recovery. Located in Palm Beach County, the Maor Program is an integrated outpatient program that facilitates close relationships with community resources, established programs, and addiction specialists to provide the most effective care. Individuals learn the life skills and coping mechanisms that can provide a healthy and clean lifestyle, all through a Torah-based program. Through our outpatient program, we are able to provide strong clinical care infused with Jewish values, traditions, and culture. The Maor Program offers a fully kosher kitchen, local affiliations with area synagogues, and fitness programming as well. It was founded to meet the specific needs of the Jewish community, and operated by Orthodox Jewish staff. It is a program that is optional for all clients, and each client will have a personal religious counselor who will guide them through individualized issues. The Maor Program is based on the principle that everything has a purpose and a reason, and that there is order within the chaos. There is a light that can help diminish the weight of the darkness.

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