Drug Addiction Help 2020

When one thinks of applying a holistic approach to something, we think of an experience that is very spiritual, one that encompasses the mind body and soul. It can also be a therapeutic experience that can involve a healthy activity such as gardening or an exercise like Yoga. At Sunshine Recovery Center in West Palm Beach, we believe that horticultural therapy has been one of our most effective programs for dealing with patients who struggle daily with drug and alcohol abuse.

What are the Benefits of Spending Time in Nature?

Our skilled staff at Sunshine Recovery Center has tapped into the ancient healing power of plants and herbs, long known for their medicinal properties, to help our patients develop a connection to nature. Studies show that time spent in nature can reduce stress, reduce anger and fear and may even help reduce blood pressure.  Nature’s properties have been known to empower and heal human beings for centuries. The results are enlightening –gardening and working with one’s hands has a soothing and calming effect on our patients.

A Holistic Approach Helps Build Self Esteem

There is a spiritual power in nature that is good for the soul. When patients participate in activities such as tilling a garden and caring for plants, they build self-esteem because they feel like they are part of creating something. This can help tremendously in their road to recovery because alcoholics and addicts tend to have low self-esteem and sometimes anger issues. Feeling the soil between your fingers and the aroma of plants has been known to make you feel calmer and at the same time energized. At Sunshine Recovery Center, we know that the road to a patient’s recovery is a long one, but this type of holistic therapy has proven to have great results and our patients love planting and caring for a garden!

In Addition to Reducing Stress, Some Other Benefits of Horticultural Therapy are:

  • Improves mood – Patients feel happier and more engaged.
  • Improves social skills – Promotes self-awareness and has been shown to help individuals relate better to each other in a group setting.
  • Promotes emotional growth – Horticultural therapy rekindles interest in creative activities and helps to improve self-control by redirecting aggressive feelings.
  • Fosters a love for a new hobby – gardening and horticulture

The benefits of horticultural therapy are many. For one, growing beautiful things makes you feel great. At Sunshine Recovery Center, Horticultural Therapy is just one of the many approaches we use to treat our patients. We also believe that individual therapy and group therapy is essential to your recovery. We have many programs here that can aid you in your road to recovery. If you are struggling with an addiction, you might enjoy the benefits of horticultural therapy in a naturally soothing environment. Don’t wait, give us a call today on our confidential 24-hour helpline at (561) 517-9934.