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If you are the parent of a teenager or young adult who is still under your care and guidance, chances are you have probably had to ask if there is substance abuse treatment for your child in West Palm Beach. Statistics for young people having issues with substance abuse in South Florida are alarmingly high, as young adults are among the largest group of opiate users in the state. It was reported back in 2015 that more than 3,000 children under the age of 18 were admitted to substance abuse treatment and rehab facilities in Florida. What is particularly frustrating for the parents and caregivers today is that so many children who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction have not asked for help, and they may not even know how to.

Anyone from any background can develop an addiction and a substance abuse issue. Most American children experiment with drugs and alcohol while they are in high school, or these days even middle school. They often start by trying alcohol and marijuana, which might seem harmless, because alcohol and marijuana are “legal.” Because of their ease of access, marijuana and alcohol are the substances that teens most often abuse.

Young people are prone to severe peer pressure, self-esteem issues, and the desire to fit in more than any other age group. When addiction becomes prevalent at such a developmental stage, the rewriting of mental and emotional frameworks can be tedious and needs to be done with care. Under the best of situations, teenagers notoriously tend to push the limits of rules and authority figures; they resent direction and might dismiss legitimate concerns about their substance abuse by parents and other adults.

Even with all the scary statistics and nightmarish concerns of parents today, there is hope for parents and solutions for their children’s early intervention and recovery. South Florida is home to some of the best treatment centers in the country. When finding quality substance abuse treatment in West Palm Beach becomes your top priority, you will want to check in to Sunshine Recovery Center.

Our mission at Sunshine Recovery Center is to empower young people and the families affected by drug and alcohol addiction by helping them to overcome the obstacle of substance abuse, develop skills to achieve self-sufficiency, and achieve a sober and substance-free lifestyle. Our well-respected substance abuse treatment services embrace the cultural, emotional, and psychological needs of our young clients to ensure that they achieve these goals – while working to decrease the social stigma attached to substance use while they are still young and impressionable.

At Sunshine recovery Center in West Palm Beach, we believe in the power of direction, purpose, passion, and identity on the healing and development of young people. We call this “igniting potential.” There is no easy fix to the variety of mental health and addiction struggles facing our youth in America these days.

The treatment team at Sunshine Recovery Center will work side by side with our clients and their families to ensure that they strive for and achieve their optimal potential while they are still young. We understand that making such a life-altering change can feel overwhelming for young people and their parents. At Sunshine Recovery, we provide a complete continuum of care consisting of PHP (partial hospitalization), IOP, and outpatient services. Guided by caring professionals, clients will receive individualized treatment tailored to their specific needs.

At Sunshine Recovery Center, we offer substance abuse treatment for young patients in West Palm Beach consisting of group therapies, individual therapies, cognitive behavior attention, social interaction skills, and life skill implementation. We offer a wide variety of evidence-based therapies, which help our clients address their chemical dependency issues and any underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. Therapies are conducted individually, as a group, and in a family setting. We also offer numerous activities clinically proven to enhance mental health and improve overall wellbeing such as meditation, yoga, fitness, and horticultural therapy.

Regardless of what your child’s needs are, the compassionate and caring team of counselors and therapists at Sunshine Recovery Center will be here to provide quality treatment for your loved ones. In a warm and loving environment, we provide your family with the care you need as you strive towards preparing your children for a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Call us today to see how we can best help your child achieve a better path forward.