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Horticulture therapy is a well-known therapy conducted by Sunshine Recovery Center, which is located in West Palm Beach. Its benefits are proven and it has a long history. Horticulture therapy improves cognitive function. It is physically therapeutic and can be done in a group setting or an individual setting as an addiction treatment.This type of therapy is most often done in conjunction with other types of therapy for the betterment of drug addicts. Sunshine Recovery Center studies its patients in treatment carefully so that it is identified what the patient is struggling with when first getting clean and sober. It is common for the addicted person to suffer from depression and anxiety, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, low self-esteem, cognitive deficits and more before the treatment. We help such patients to overcome these problems.Moreover, lack of social skills, communication difficulties and anger issues are also common problems faced by addicts. Sunshine Recovery Center’s professional staff’s counseling is helpful we try to overcome all the issues which patients face. Provide Drug treatment programs and Our holistic treatments like horticulture therapy is useful for the people who want to recover from drug addiction and it increases and speeds up the progress of one’s situation. And provide  Drug treatment programs hare.

At our West Palm Beach center we promote gardening,which is a sort of exercise and it helps to improve oxygen consumption, build strength and improve coordination in one. This may not seem important for one, but it helps to remember that people don’t necessarily come into recovery in optimal physical health. Horticulture therapy at our West Palm Beach center is also conducted in the form of groups. This helps the suffering ones to improve social and communication skills and fosters a sense of cooperation and community. People who are struggling with addiction are often lacking in many life skills, our goal is to overcome this problem.

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People can now avail many potential benefits from horticultural therapy and amongst them are:

  • Our staff engages a deeper connection between the patient and nature
  • Reduces stress
  • We enhances the sense of wellbeing
  • Our staff creates a sense of purpose and value, which is particularly beneficial for those who have become isolated or have a disability.
  • The relaxing nature of the activities at our West Palm Beach center helps reduce stress, which is especially beneficial for those struggling with mental health issues
  • We help individuals feel energized and refreshed
  • Improves mood
  • Through our therapy sessions the sense of isolation minimizes
  • Our staff is 24/7 available to alleviate anxiety by spending time in a tranquil environment
  • We bolsters self-confidence of our patients
  • Our professionals try to improves problem solving skills in one
  • We help to strengthen memory and other cognitive functions
  • We promote positive impacts, which improves social interactions
  • We enhance a sense of spiritual connection and wellbeing in one
  • Our patients increase their endurance by our help
  • We help to strengthen immunity system in patients
  • We try to improve physical coordination,balance and muscles in our beloved patients.

To avail numerous benefits under a single roof visit Sunshine Recovery Center, which is located at West Palm Beach.

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