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Drug addiction treatment

Sunshine Recovery Center individualizes and tailors the clients treatment based on each persons needs. The type of drug addiction treatment, the client’s background, length of abuse, motivation for treatment, environment and social support play a part in determining the most appropriate treatment intervention. It’s important to receive one on one treatment with a trained certified counselor or therapist as well as group and education treatment when receiving alcohol or drug treatment.

Empowering Individuals Affected by Addiction

Our mission is to empower individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction, helping them overcome obstacles, develop skills to achieve self-sufficiency and achieve a drug free lifestyle. Our drug addiction treatment services embraces the cultural, emotional and psychological needs of our clients to ensure they achieve these goals while working to decrease the social stigma attached to substance use through community education.

We received the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission.

Treatment Options

PHP Day/Night Treatment

Take steps forward without the demanding nature of a residential program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our IOP allows you to stay off-site for added convenience and flexibility.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment varies in the types and intensity of services offered.

Specialized Programs

Horticulture Therapy

Sunshine Recovery Center’s horticultural therapy is a process in which plants and gardening activities are used to improve the body, mind and spirit of people.

Customized Treatment Plans

We understand that the recovery process is different for everyone, which is why our treatment plans are customized according to each person’s individual needs.

Addiction Treatment

Sunshine Recovery Center’s addiction specialists work closely with each patient to address any issues that may hinder them from becoming clean and sober.

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Sunshine Recovery Center can correspond and provide assistant to those in need in three different languages: English, French, and Hebrew.

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